Why Sell Scrap Gold

Do you have pieces gold jewelry lying around your home that you either don’t wear anymore, you inherited and it’s not your taste or the pieces are out of style? Why not sell your gold jewelryand receive money? These days it’s never been easier to get cash for gold.

Take a look at these top reasons why you should sell gold. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to sell.

Easy, quick cash- During these tough economic times, why not put extra cash in your pocket with little effort? Instead of waiting for your next paycheck, you can sell your scrap gold and have fast cash to pay bills, put money in your pocket or start saving. Just bring your scrap gold into Gold Kings, get it appraised on site and walk out with a check in hand. It’s that simple and it’s done at one location.
Damaged, broken jewelry- How many times have you looked at that broken watch, necklace or brooch and say to yourself, I am never going to wear that piece of gold jewelry again? It may be impractical or too expensive to repair it. Now, take a look at your pieces. Did you know that scrap gold includes bracelets, ankle bracelets, classic rings, gold charms and gold ingots? You probably have more than you imagined and should consider selling it.
Fair prices- Besides reading the price of gold in the paper or on the Internet, determining the price of gold may seem like a mystery to you. How do you know that if you sell your scrap gold, whether or not you’ll get the right and fair price? The current supply and demand of gold is one way prices are determined; another way is a professional conducts a pennyweight conversion process based on the purity of the gold and its weight.
In the current market, gold prices are very high and right now it’s a good time to sell to get a great price. At Gold Kings, we perform extensive testing by a certified specialist. This professional will determine the type of gold and the purity of it in your jewelry. Digital testing equipment allows us to accurately produce information derived from a conductivity test.
Clearing Away Memories- For many people, looking at pieces of gold jewelry brings back a memory or a story. Whether the piece was bought by someone from a previous relationship, a family member or at a different time in your life, you can now sell it and move forward. While it’s nice to have memories, it’s always nice to create new ones. Selling scrap gold is a good way to do so.
Opportunity to Buy New Jewelry- After selling your scrap gold, you’ll have cash in hand and now can buy some gold jewelry that you’re really interested in and you’ll wear all the time. In addition to exploring jewelry at stores or online, Gold Kings also has a selection on hand to choose from.

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