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-Diamond Engagement Rings
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-Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Have a diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding band left over from a love lost long ago? Why let that ring set in a drawer when it could put cash in your pocket?

Considering upgrading your diamond wedding set? Did you know that jewelry stores will only offer a fraction of what your rings are worth as a trade in? Why not walk in there with some real bargaining power- cash in your pocket?

Diamond Earrings that are loose, or set in gold or platinum, although not normally certified, still hold their value. Why constantly move them out of the way when they could put cash in your pocket?

Diamond Tennis Bracelets are beautiful when they are worn but what about the ones that just sit in a drawer, never worn, and never seen? Is that unworn bracelet sitting in the drawer better than cash in your pocket?

Many sellers know what the retail price of their diamond jewelry was when it was purchased and may even possess a diamond appraisal report. They have a preconceived notion of their diamond’s value. These values can be and most likely will be much different from our appraisal.

Many factors, including diamond trading activity, can affect our appraisal quote. Are you wondering why diamond trading activity plays a role when you want to sell your diamond ring? Gold Kings, like many other diamond buyers, has access to the whole dealer market. Wholesalers and dealers provide details of their polished diamond inventories through exclusive prices sheets and global pricing exchanges, such as Rapaport’s RapNet Diamond Trading Market. This information is only available to approved cutters, wholesalers, and dealers.

How To Sell A Diamond

Gold King Buys:

-GIA Graded and Certified Diamonds
-EGL Graded and Certified Diamonds
-IGI Graded and Certified Diamonds
-AGS Graded and Certified Diamonds
-Tiffany Diamond Rings
-Cartier Diamond Rings
-Jarred Diamond Rings
-Blue Nile Diamond Rings
-Zales Diamond Rings
-Kay Diamond Rings
-Other Laboratory Certified Diamonds

When you bring your diamond ring in for a free quote, we perform a comprehensive evaluation on the diamond. The overall condition is checked. We look for any chips, cracks and/or external damage. We then compare its clarity, color and cut against a GIA’s (Gemological Instutute of America) master set of diamonds. These diamonds range from color D through color M and VVS clarity through I2 clarity.

We never remove your diamond from its mounting without your prior permission.

Once your diamond is evaluated, our diamond buyers compare the quality of your diamond to comparable diamonds that are currently available in the wholesale market. Characteristics such as color, clarity, cut, carat weight, and shape play a significant role in determining the value of your diamond. We also consider any accent diamonds (smaller diamonds) and the weight and style of the mounting, such as 14KT or 18KT gold, palladium or platinum.

Gold King does not retail your ring. We sell it to the wholesale dealer market. This process is the most efficient and effective way for us to provide you with a competitive quote and hand you fast cash once the deal is closed.

By now, you are probably saying- hold on one minute- you’re telling me that my $8,500 diamond ring is really only worth $3,200? Unfortunately, there are no standard accounting standards that will allow diamond buyers to measure what the original cost of the ring included. It’s no secret that retail jewelry has substantial mark-ups over the wholesale value of the diamond.

The Bottom Line on Retail Jewelry Appraisals

Appraisals are important- for insurance. But where is the value of inflating the retail price? While it is nice to have an informed report of what you have purchased, some appraisals have inflated retail values. This is especially true for diamond rings as their values are inflated well above realistic values.

You just paid $8,500 for a diamond ring. At checkout, the salesperson hands you a document stating that your ring has a retail value of $10,750 or has even doubled to $17,000. Do you really think that ring doubled in value just because you slipped it on your finger? Can you think of any other product that increases in value immediately after purchase? That my friends, is nothing more than a jewelry store marketing strategy- make the customer believe they got something more than what they paid for.

Not Ready to Sell Your Diamond at a Wholesale Price?

You have decided to sell your ring at a competitive price, where should you begin? You could attempt to sell your diamond to family or friends at a percentage off the retail price paid. If that does not work, you could try some online options- Craigslist, eBay, and possibly some other online options. These options could take days, weeks even months and their results can be very disappointing. Scam artists love person to person jewelry sales and can’t wait to take advantage of novice, honest people.

Why go through all that hassle?

Bring your diamond ring into Gold Kings and allow us to evaluate it. Once all of the details of your diamond and its mounting are completed we will give you our appraisal.

Why keep reminders of the past hanging around and taking up space when you can turn your unwanted diamond jewelry into cash? Discard the old, get cash and buy yourself something new- you deserve it!

Why Should YOU Sell Your Diamonds to Gold Kings?

We aren’t just Atlanta’s best diamond ring buyer, we are Atlanta’s best diamond buyer, period. We know your time is valuable- so is ours. We won’t waste your time, or ours, by offering you a ridiculously low price for your diamond jewelry. Stop in today and receive your FREE no-obligation appraisal. We are sure that you will leave with a pocket full of cash!


Understanding Diamond Value

Are You Considering Selling A Diamond?

If it’s unworn, unloved or unwanted, it’s time to sell your diamond jewelry.

Understanding Diamond ValueIf you are thinking about selling a diamond ring or diamond jewelry, this report can help you understand how a diamond buyer evaluates diamonds for purchase. There are several factors that determine the true value of diamond jewelry.

You are likely wondering how a diamond buyer evaluates diamonds for purchase. You know what your retail price was when you bought your diamond and you probably have a retail diamond appraisal report as well. However, these numbers can be very different from the offer you will receive if you choose to sell your diamond.

The Price You Can Receive For Your Diamond

Many factors, including diamond trade activity, can affect the price offer.

So how does this all come into play when YOU want to sell your diamond ring?

A diamond buying company, such as Gold Kings, has access to the wholesale dealer market. Wholesalers and dealers make their polished diamond inventory available on exclusive price sheets and global pricing exchanges, such as Rapaport’s RapNet™ Diamond Trading Market, which is only available to approved cutters, wholesalers and dealers. When your diamond comes in to our office, we first grade your diamond’s characteristics. Then we carefully compare these qualities to similar diamonds already being offered by the wholesale market. For example, if you have a GIA graded, round brilliant, 1.05 carat, H color and SI1 clarity, we compare these grades to other diamonds with these same characteristics.

So, the value we provide is based on the wholesale dealer market and the offering price for diamonds nearly identical to your diamond. Gold Kings does not retail your diamond ring. We strictly sell into the wholesale dealer market. This is the most efficient and effective way for us to value your diamond so that you receive a competitive offer that is valid for expedited payment to you.

Now you are probably saying – well what about the retail price I paid. If I paid $8,500 for my ring, why are you only offering $3,200 for my ring? Well, that is because there is no accounting for what a retailer might have charged you during a retail sale. As we all know, retail jewelry has a substantial mark-up as opposed to the wholesale value of the diamond.

The Bottom Line On Retail Jewelry Appraisals

Appraisals are important, but what is the real value in inflating a retail price?

Appraisals certainly have a place. It is nice to have an informed report of what you have purchased. But, when it comes to price appraisals, particularly diamond ring appraisals, the values are inflated above any realistic dollar figure. Let’s be frank, if you just paid $7,500 for your beautiful diamond ring, why did a jewelry store just give you a document that says the new value is now $10,750, or doubled to $15,000? This is just nonsense. There is virtually no retail product sold in the world that suddenly doubles in value after purchase. This is just a retail jewelry sales myth. Do you insure your $30,000 car for $45,000? Of course you do not.
How To Sell Your Diamond

Friends? Associates? Online? It doesn’t have to be complicated.

So, where does this leave you when you are ready to sell your diamond ring at a competitive price? Well, you can always try to sell your diamond to friends or family at a discount to your retail cost. You can also try online options like craigslist.org, ebay.com and other online auction sites. These types of options can take weeks or months and based on feedback from our customers, the results can be very disappointing. Not to mention, there are a host of less than scam artists out there looking to take advantage of honest online sellers.

This is where Gold Kings can help you. If you do not have these options available to you and you do not want to haggle over pricing, let us evaluate your diamond and provide you with a competitive offer. Would you rather have your diamond ring sitting in a box, gathering dust? Or would you rather convert this unused diamond jewelry into financial compensation? And sometimes, the money is secondary. Removing this object of a failed marriage, bad circumstance or an inheritance can be quite relieving!

Experience world-class service from the experts at Gold Kings. We handle it all the way!

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